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RECOMENDED BOOK The Primal BluePrint


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What if you could flip switches in your body that control whether you?Store fat or melt fat away


Get sick or stay healthy


Endure regular fatigue and depression or feel energized all the time


Sport a spare tire or six-pack abs


Live a life suffering from commonplace degenerative diseases or a long, vibrant, healthy life?


The Primal Blueprint gives you the power to flip the switches that control your weight, your health, your energy and your destiny.


Combining modern genetic science with the immutable principles of human evolution, health and fitness expert Mark Sisson presents a revolutionary, easy-to-follow program based on ten Primal Blueprint laws that will change your life forever:


■Learn about the one concept that will guarantee lifelong weight control?no matter who you are, how much extra weight you carry, or what your family genes are like.

■Learn the reasons you crave sugars and sweets?and easy steps to eliminate those cravings forever.

■Naturally control your appetite?and blood sugar levels?so well that you will sometimes have to remind yourself to eat!

■Burn your stored body fat as a ready source of energy 24 hours a day.

■Discover how popular low-fat, grain-based diets can trigger illness, insidious lifelong weight gain and devastating diseases.

■Learn how a high-fat diet can help you lose weight and why it is actually healthy.

■Reject gimmicks like regimented meal times, portion control, strict caloric ratios, and food point scores. Instead, eat like our ancestors and be totally satisfied at every meal.

■Discover a complete strategy of eating, exercising and living that is fun and comes naturally?even for the ?unmotivated? types!

■Achieve incredible fitness breakthroughs in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the suffering!

■Reduce your risk of developing conditions like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

■Stabilize blood sugar levels without medication.

■Naturally control certain commonly medicated conditions like depression, hypoglycemia, diabetes and high blood pressure.

■Get through the ?cold and flu season? scot-free.

Do all this and more by learning about the precise foods, exercises and other natural behaviors that are detailed in The Primal Blueprint.




the author and his wife both in their 50's

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