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Big Nog fighting Schaub at UFC 134!


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Awesome fight. I'm really not ready to throw in the towel for Nogueira yet. He lost to Mir after suffering from Staph and then got knocked out by the number one heavyweight in the world' date=' I still think he has some fight left him in.




I agree. Nog got some fight left and he's going to take it out on Slob.


WAR Big Nog!

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That could be a great fight. If Nog losses this one then i think he should call it quits. Not that Schuab is horrible or anything but because if he loses this one then the ufc will feed him some guy u doesnt deserve to fight him just so Nog can get on the winning track.

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if he loses he will have staph again' date=' its an excuse[/quote']


All the Blackhouse fighters make excuses....

-Nogeria (staph) then a Hip

-Silva (Rib)

_aldo (multiple excuses last fight)



Mir KOed Nogeria and he said it was staph.......then Cain KOed him (so it was no Fluke) Mir's stand up is better then Cain's

Problem is Nogeria moves like a 70 year old man

Carwin would KO him.....along with probably Brock, Kongo, and alot of other guys


Im not a big fan of schaub....so who knows who would win that one.....Schaub is over hyped ...he was losing to Cro Cop before hitting him behind the ear.


Carwin Beats JDS

Carwin then Beats Cain


Mir Beats Nelson

Mir maybe then fights Brock

If not he fights Carwin for the title

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