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Top ten underground rappers


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I just want to see exactly who the favored ones would be before making a poll. There's more than ten legit underground MCs.


I'm passing out but I figure this is appropriate before making a poll for people to vote on tomorrow or whenever. My top five would be Immortal Technique, Ill Bill, Necro, Cage and Diabolic.


I expect a lot of Lupe Fiasco but I can't put him on my poll considering he is signed to a major label and has appeared on more than one late night show in the past year.

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lol I like that Enigma because it's true for basically everyone mainstream. I forgot that movie but I was only like 6 or 7 at the time


yeah it's a great flick, bruce's character just doesn't give a **** :D as for the underground rappers thing, no clue my friend, i don't like that type of music :cool:

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Talib & Mos Def (Blackstarr)


Living Legends

Charizma & Peanutbutter Wolf

Andre Nickatina


Mac Dre

Celph Titled

MC Rise

Big L

Big Pun

Bored Stiff




Digital Underground

Lone Catalysts


The Last Emperor


Pete Rock

Jedi Mind Tricks (Great fight music)

MF Doom




Little Brother



Just a few off the top of my dome, I could go on all day. There is definitely a lot more than 10 legit underground MC's! A lot more!

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