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MMA guys weren't accustomed to getting hit...


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just so u know....kongo was a kickboxer....so fail?


WHA????? I thought he was a BJJ specialist. Have you seen his fish technique?


I mean even after being knocked out, Barry's comment still holds a lot of ground. Just rewatch his UFC debut. HD, upside sunglasses will be back.

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no i was pulling for barry but just wanted a good fight' date=' kongo KO'd his *** no doubt but ur statement is stupid, ur saying that kongo wasnt a kickboxer but he was....[/quote']


I think he meant Barry was bragging about how kickboxers are used to getting hit harder then most MMA fighters with a ground game but HE was the one that ended up getting KO'd by a "HIT". Irony is what the OP was going for I think.

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