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Mojitos considered girly?


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^I do drink beer but it takes a lot for a buzz and I'd be pissing a lot with my fast metabolism


Mojitos often use B151 which isn't girly at all

but "manly" drinks are anything served straight/tastes like sht right


watchoo talkin bout??!? beer and straight spirits taste like magic. but seriously, don't concern yourself with what other people think about what you're drinking. Just enjoy your drinks, and take out any rediculous mini umbrellas and other rubbish decorations.

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A personal favoitre of mine is Captain Morgan and Moutain dew(original). Its not fruity but it is pretty sweet and delicious. It tastes just like cream soda with a little alcohol afterbite.


All in all beer is the way to go imho, but if you like fruity drinks, drink them. Nothing wrong with a tasty drink.

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Are mojito's considered a gay drink now?

Sucks because I like fruit and fruity drinks are all considered gay but now mojitos too?


Girly/ gay, yes.


But so what. I'm a beer lover who drinks gin and tonics, and margueritas.


So drink your Mojito. It makes me feel less gay with my G&T.

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