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Happy Canada Day to All the Canadians!


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...Man this is BS, it's Canada Day and im sick :( For some reason i was feeling sick Tuesday after exams were done. I fell asleep for most of the day, woke up the next morning with a fever, god awful headache, and sore throat. Sleept most of the day, and took alot of tylonol. Thursday, wake up and im sweating and fever and all that. Take some more tylonol and lay down. Well the fever got worse and i was taken up to the hopspital, and i guess it was dangerously high, and there giving me all these pills and stuff. So then im sitting down in the waiting room for an hour and a half before being taken in a room. Well then they start taking all these blood tests and all these different tests. They were fearing that it was bacterial menengisous, which is a desiese on the inside of the lining on your brain. So then my blood comes back and it's fine, so then i had to go into this other room, and im there naked in front of like 5 doctors and nurses. They bend me over and i get a needle in my spine, and they draw luid out for 20 minutes. Well then i had to lay on my back for another hour and wait for this test to come back. Turns out it was nothing and i just have a virus. So i get out at like 1:30, so i was there for 9 hours to learn that it was just the common virus.

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You would have pretended to be a hockey fan just to take part in that wouldn't of you? Bloody anarchists lol


Ha, Anarchy is the only time Canada make the

world news. lol ...


I reckon they want their team to lose the Stanley Cup

again, just so they can throw another riot...

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