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I always miss the FB pelims, what time do they start?


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Anyone able to help me work out the start times of the FB prelims based off the advertised Main Event start time. Being international it would be good to have a formula...


such as


FB = ME - "X" hrs

Spike = ME - "Y" hrs


thanks in advance, I have never seen the FB fights, and usually miss some of the first fight on the Spike prelims and am really sick and tired of it.... please help me get my sh!t together.

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so the spike prelims are a hard 10am start...


just had a look at the UFC site' date=' and says the FB starts at 8:15 am here... can you confirm that too mate, I am in Sydney too...[/quote']


Oh dang... My bad... I must of looked at the time the

free fights are on OneHD...


I'll double check..

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its usually a good idea to go on facebook and go to the ufc page ahead of time


that way you get to know wben the prelims start, and you already know where to go


for instance. if you go to the prelim webpage, the first thing you will see is UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC 132 Prelims: Saturday 6:15p ET/3:15p PT

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