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grr canada day


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just missed out on some good ***** because my friend is only 30 years old and still cant handle his liquor. i just oerformed a 2 km firemans carry on my drunk *** friend. but by the time the stupid ****er comes back to reality he would never believe me. then again i do have some pics. up until i finally got him in there and he pissed himself and passed out. i'll show him the picture and he will be lke 'what the **** is that?' and i can tell him that is you when you are drunk right before you passed out in your own pile of piss moron!


****er made so much noise 3 people threatened to cal the police from the noise he made when i was carrying this piece of ****. i would have totally appreciated that because no matter how drunk you are, moving around a 170 pound body is never easy and i needed all the help i could get. instead i just call them out on their 911 threat and they just walk back in the house, leaving me out of breath and gasping for air trying to keep moving this mother ****er up the street. at this point i will never commit murder, because transporting the body is way too much effort to ever bother with. especially when they are too messed up to form a sentance, or even stand on their own two feet


that is all. **** everybody. happy canada day. i should be enjoying meself. not trying to relax all my muscles due to some idiot who cant control his booze

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