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Two upsets:


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Kim is kind of a sissy.


But his Lay n Pray is quite high-level. Condit WILL be dealing with Judo and Lay n' Pray. One can only hope he pulls another Condit and wins by flash KO in the last round after being pwn3d for 2 and 1/2.

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I see it happening like Kim/Diaz....


but with Condit finishing.


He will put too much pressure on Kim.


Let's hope you're right. I'd be happy to be wrong in this case. I don't much like Kim, and I love Condit.

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1.) Shane Roller's gonna send Guillard back to the C class.

2.) Matt Wiman's gonna beat Siver at his own game.


Feel free to bump this if/when I'm wrong' date=' but of course, I won't be. ;)[/quote']


I'm with you on Wiman outdoing Siver, but Guillard has a clear striking advantage and stuffs one hell of a takedown. I'd be surprised if Roller gets the upset!

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