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Whats next for silva?


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I made a whats next for the fighters at 132 thread. I said Sonnen. It would be a marketable fight thats for sure.


It would be a marketable fight, but i dunno. Sonnen would just dominate Wandi on the ground for 3rds.....


Tbh id rather see another standup war.

Have Wandi fight the loser of Sexy / Belfort

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PLEASe dont give him Sonnen ive seen Wanderlei get embarressed enough now. The outcome of a Sonnen vs Silva figh is already hands down Sonnen. easy win for Sonnen. He just has to lay Silva on the ground with take downs and Sonnen wins. Sonnen only loses to Submissions and i havent seen a submission from Wanderlei since 2000. LONG LONG TIME AGO. I think he should enjoy his new Gym and train people like Almeida,

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