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Dominick Cruz is a CAN!!!!


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Because he couldn't even finish the "overrated can" Faber!! Instead, Cruz won a very close fight to the "Overrated Can"! Not only that but Cruz got dropped like 4 times by the "overrated can"!!! That must mean Cruz is an even WORSE overrated CAN, amiright?






Come on guys, saying Faber is overrated is only making yourself look stupid. If you don't like the guy, then cool. But saying stupid things like "he's overrated!!!!" is just ridiculous and shows your fanboyism for Cruz. Both of these guys put up a great fight. Stop being so ignorant. And heck, if you're gonna call Faber an "overrated can", then might as well call Cruz overrated as well. Why, you ask? Well, if you're that stupid, read the first paragraph....AGAIN :rolleyes:

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