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2 Questions for you all about UFC 132


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Ok, so I have 2 questions I'm curious about.


1) It was shown that Justin Bieber was at the event and even scored a couple of fight with Lorenzo Fertitta himself. Justin has been known as a little pretty boy and everyone wants to take a led pipe to his head cause he's a little *** who doesn't even know what German is, so for that reason everyone wants to put his tiny ****ing head on a ****ing scewer and rip his ****ing body parts off and feed him to a pack of starving pissed off wolves who just had their Alpha Males fur trimmed off then throw him into a pool of oozing acid, god damnit you little ****! (I wonder why? :rolleyes: ). Point is, being called a little wuss for the last couple of years by a good amount of people, have you grown any respect for the kid as he attended possibly one of the most brutal and popular combat sports in combat sports history? Especially an event where we saw 4 devastating KO's and 1 great submission which led to the man imitating and grave burier.


Have I grown respect for the lad? Insult me if you wish, but I'm not gonna lie, yeah. I have actually grown respect for him, it shows that even teenage pretty boys like Bieber actually have in interest in violence and combat.


2) My second question is about the legend himself, 'The Axe Murderer' Wanderlei Silva! Is it me or did he look like a transvestite? His nose looks so fake it's unreal, my bro pointed out last night, and I **** you not, I was laughing for 10 minutes straight. His nose looks fake which some how leads to his whole face looking fake and he looks like he had a sex change. Do you think he looks like a transvestite?

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