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Wyman did not win. Siver won 1st and 3rd Rd


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I dont know what you people are watching that think Wyman won the fight..


Is it because Joe Rogan constantly talking up Wyman even though Wyman only won the 2nd round?


Every single take down attempted by Wyman was not only stuffed, but he ended up being attacked more by Siver in the Clinch and Siver always ended up draped over a failed takedown from Wyman. Every time in that whole fight, accept the 2nd round. Plus Siver was doing so much more attacking on the fence. While Wyman just hung there doing nothing getting constantly punched..


Siver won the first round easy :> unless you like giving round to guys just holding onto a dudes legs doing nothing but being punched over and over an over again. Siver was non- stop hitting Wyman in the clinch and won the stand up and threw way more punches and landed way more than Wyman more.


Wyman :> owned the 2nd round. Theres no controversy in that.


Siver :> Won the 3rd round. Again similar to the first round, however if you rewatch it Siver ends up being ontop of Wyman in a choke position and was outstriking him in the clinch AND on the feet. Siver also threw so many more punches and landed more.


Siver won, there should be no controversy. Unless you give points to the guy on the BOTTOM while leg holding and doing nothing, while being constantly hit over and over and over again.

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