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Updated MMA Ranking


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JDS # 4 HW


Brenneman #6 WW


Tyson Griffin #2 FW


Nick Diaz not in the top 10


Damn' date=' that dude needs to end his journey on earth[/quote']


Big Country in the top 10..... wow.


so much fail....and bendo not a top 10...this guy never watched a match in his life

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1. Georges St. Pierre

2. Jake Shields

3. Jon Fitch

4. BJ Penn

5. Josh Koscheck

6. Charlie Brenneman

7. Rick Story

8. Thiago Alves

9. Martin Kampmann

10. Diego Sanchez


Hughes and Diaz not ranked but Koscheck, Brenneman and Story are??


This must be a private fan's list. This is the most suspect listing for which I am not personally responsible.

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