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UFC 134 - Silva .vs. Okami for MW title [Take your side!]


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I'll me creating title fight threads similar to this one (Only for title fights). Where you post and I'll put you under their name and will bump the thread after the fight.







Anderson Silva



FORCExRECON - Anderson Silva via KO - Round 1 (kick)


Anderson KO round 1


Anderson Silva via Upkick Knockout Oh wait...lol.


Anderson Silva via submission round 3


Anderson Silva via TKO Round 3


Anderson via KO/TKO


I wish Okami would win....




Andy via flying knee' date=' followed up with punches, and maybe a sub.[/quote']


Anderson Silva

KO Round 1


Anderson Silva TKO 2nd


Anderon Silva via:


A) Cartwheel Kick

B) Backflip Double Kick

C) Flying Elbow

D) Knocks Okami out via **** Slap


Don't care much for Silva' date=' but Silva TKO/KO[/quote']


Anderson TKO Round 2


my side is clear :D


silva via ud....this fight will be slow uneventful just how okami like it but he will still loss


With so much riding on this fight being in Brasil' date=' and for the title, I just can't see the Spider losing. However, I also see Okami making this a damn good fight.


Anderson...not sure how.[/quote']


Silva via knock down to further beat down to ref stoppage.


Late 1st/Early 2nd


What's an Okami?


If Anderson SIlva is fighting' date=' then Anderson Silva wins. Probably by some crazy elbow via Tony Fryklund[/quote']


Do you even have to ask?


Silva Via TKO rd1


Anderson will get revenge on Yushin...


Andy by flying knee...


I think Silva will win' date=' but would like to see a new Champion soon as it just feels like the MW division is dead with Silva reigning over it.[/quote']





TKO mid point second round


Andy will put hands on his chin and Okami will end up lifeless in the center of the octagon stretched out over a Bud Light logo. Despite Anderson being the one that illegally knocked the hell out of Okami he feels as if he was wronged... lol only Anderson would find a way to be pissed off about a loss where he knocked someone stupid with an illegal strike. Okami is not fast enough and he needs to be careful shooting in.


Anderson Silva TKO round 4/5


Silva! Duh' date=' motha's! XD


Silva by Round 1 TKO![/quote']


Anderson via TKO


Anderson Silva by Knockout


Since you won't take my option of Pat Barry via flying gogoplata...


Anderson Silva via KO (Hadouken kick)


Anderson Silva' date=' TKO round 2.


And you should've started with a poll.[/quote']


anderson spinning elbow RD1. For sure he will turn it on in his home country


The Spider will take this one in spectacular fasion! I wonder what him and Steven Segal are working on for this fight?:confused:


Silva TKO round 3


Silva by 1 round TKO


Anderson via anything he wants.


Anderson Silva via one-sided fight


Anderson KO round 1


Silva by destruction. Okami isn't Sonnen and doesn't have the ability to wrestle Silva to the ground like Sonnen did. Okami has a great ground game don't get me wrong and if he can put Silva down then he has a shot but I just don't see that happening. Silva by KO in the 2nd..


Anderson FTW!!!!


Silva wins by whatever he wants whenever he wants.


Anderson FTW


Anderson Silva without a doubt!


Silva via TKO 3rd


Anderson by frontkick to the face :D





TKO mid point second round








Yushin Okami


Okami via unanimous decision




Okami via UD


Okami- Unaminous Descision


okami by unanimous decision.


okami because chael said he would


I got Okami



Silva's loses are to japanese fighters.

Okami has a win on him' date=' via getting KO'd by Anderson with an illegal kick.


Silva has the skills to destroy Okami, but I have a feeling japanese guys are his kryptonite like Edgar is to Penn.


Okami by Decision. I hope I am wrong.


P.S. If Anderson doesn't knock Okami out, I'll be damn disappointed.[/quote']


I root for whoever is fighting Anderson' date=' I just want this tool to lose![/quote']






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What does it mean? You said Okami. Does he really stand a chance at winning this fight? No' date=' not a chance in hell!


As I said before, Pat Barry via flying gogoplata round 1![/quote']



Calm down. Sorry I don't see things your way.

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