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The massive salary difference between mma and boxing


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Someone put a link with the UFC: Llive Kongo vs Barry salaries and Kongo was the highest earner on the card for that night taking home $160,000. Kongo vs Barry was a great fight, lots of action during the short time it lasted and a great finish.


David Haye for his fight against Vladimir Klitschko, during which he was dominated and humiliated was paid an estimated ?10,000,000. This is after he gave away a lot of negotiation rights to Klitschko, so I cant even begin to imagine the crazy amount he took home. The fight itself was a very boring decision and I'm glad I didnt pay to watch it.


Surely this amount of difference in pay discourages people from participating in mma, when they know they can make nearly 100 times more in boxing. Fighters naturally are more than happy to ride the gravy train all the way to the bank.


When is mma going to catch up? I dont think we will see the very best fighters until it does

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