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Top 5 hottest celebrities......

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bang her & spend her blood money' date=' she has been offered 1 million to do an

exclusive interview & a 1 million dollar advance on a book deal -[/quote']


**** me!!!! There's big money in the kill you own child game, I'm in the wrong business.































































lol j/k haven't got a kid







































































because I killed it, then sold my story.

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Man, I hate these threads, its so hard to choose. As for my list, its constantly changing, but at the moment (In no particular order)


Olivia Wilde (especially her lesbian scenes in house)

Megan Fox (ever since Transformers she's been on my list)

Isla Fisher (She's aussie, but she's a hot readhead, and one of the few)

Katy Perry (damn she's sexy, but shes so down to earth)

Emma Watson (On the list because she's not crazy hot, but shes normal. not sure if that makes sense, but screw you)


H.M- Arriany Celeste, Brittany Palmer, Hayden Panittiere

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