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I have been away for a very long time. My journey has taken me here, then to another, and then here again. I have logged in several times to retrieve some materials which I have left behind.


And because I never had a chance to say good-bye............well, good bye.


I would normally whip out a lengthy thread to entertain the muses - but my powers are weakening at the moment and my typing hands are exhausted from the many perilous journeys I have part-taken recently.


I once tilled this place and made it my home. I watched over this place like how a child watches over his favorite toys.


I miss Brewster. He was very tolerant for a mod.


I miss G-row. We had a little misunderstanding but it is all bygones now.


I miss the lovely Leonie. She was smart and calculating in her ways.


I miss the night creature who they call the owl man. He swooped faster than any winged animals I have seen.


I miss the vivacious Browneyegirl. She was something special wasn't she? She transformed this forum into something never before seen.


I miss the older posters such as Stompgrind, Von Kaiser, BrewMMA, dcent, CavemanJesus, Go_Hard etc...


But most importantly, I miss that hound dog, Fast. He was extraordinary. The man was the most loved and the most hated. He possessed something which many of us are afraid of and that was to stand alone despite the overwhelming odds.


And last but not least, I miss what this site used to be.


I have already revealed my identity and now it is time for me to make my departure.


Good bye old friends,

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