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Florian vs. Guillard


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I think Florian should just move up, and fight Guillard. Featherweight isn't his division, and even if he wants to stay, I wanna see this fight. It would be fireworks... That is if Guillard hasn't become a safe fighter after being beat.


Who would you have winning this?


I'd have Florian via RNC in round 1 as well. :D

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If Florian can put together 2-3 wins at FW, he could potentially earn a rematch with Aldo, which I would really like to see.


That said, he is obviously stronger and able to be more aggressive at LW. He left the division as a top 5 easily, so it wouldn't take much for him to make a run there is he wanted to too. Seeing him start it off by beating up Guillard would be awesome. :)

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