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Dream fight.... Jose Aldo vs Dominick Cruz?


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What do you think?


And maybe Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva.


for me Cruz vs Aldo is a tough one based on that Harminick fight with Aldo. Also Cruz has clearly prooved he can hang (Although exhausted) for 5 rounds and still throw punches. Weve also seen Aldo win by only throwing leg kicks. You know what Cruz is goign to do, but what would Aldo do to tackle Cruz's dodgy dancing?


Jon Jones vs Silva :> what a fight that would be.


The thing is, Silva has now been able to resist everything thrown at him, even a 5 round beating and still win. Could he handle what Jones would give him on the ground though? Jones not only would hit him harder than Chael, its the precise calculation placement of Jones's hits when Silva is on the ground that would be extremely dangerous. Even the standup battle would be an interesting one. Although i would give the advantage to Silva in teh standup, through experience, but its tough to say how much advantage he would have. Because Jones is also good at picking his shots.


I think this would still be a dangerous fight for Silva, because Jones will fight back in an unorthodox way too.

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