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roided up olympic sprinter who won gold in australia in 2000' date=' i still remember seeing her zone in at the start line, and just smash the competition. we know why now.


Strange Choice Though[/quote']


thanks, i thought she was some type of city/state official from the picture


and strange choice indeed :eek: but i guess she (read: her ***) must have looked good in her running days

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Well she is used to some black pudding...


She was married to that beefy shot putter... CJ Hunter I think his name was...


Yeah that big ugly PED using gorilla she mated with ruined her life. Thinking about them having sex turns me on though. Is that normal?

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... The Fox News babes are head & tails above all other networks' date='

the other night Ainsley Earhardt was sitting on the curvy couch

wearing a white lowcut micro & I'm still hard !




You sir, are correct. Half the Fox News roster are as hot as a $2 pistol. Gretchen Carlson should have her picture next to "milf" in the dictionary and with a name like AINSLEY.. well.. she's gonna fit into this thread just nicely...

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they would have to be renowned for their asses, so they would make good trophies...

i'd have to go with





just so that whenever i see that movie with anyone i can say i did that :cool:


plus... i'd love to hear her saying: plzplzplzpleeeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeease!! as i am going in

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Actually I'm taking out one of mine and putting in Georgie Thompson.



She's a newscaster in England for Sky Sports (biggest sports channel here). She's quite short and has a lovely *** and is obviously sexy as **** AND she loves sports and stuff so you wouldn't have to talk about hair and make up with her.


I can't believe I forgot about her. **** the others who I posted Georgie is No1. Her voice makes my balls feel great.

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Yeah newsreaders are the bomb. I'm an intellectual so I'm reading, watching and listening to stuff for most of the day everyday. You get used to your favourite news readers on your favourite channels over the years. When they are ridiculously hot they certainly end up renting space in your mind...

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