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Cage Warriors 43 Fight Card and Preview


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Great card coming up this weekend in London, with Jack Mason vs. Norman Paraisy (Yeah, the one off TUF) headlining.


Joe Duffy (also briefly of TUF fame) takes on London Shootfighters' Francis Heagney, and there are some other top Euro clases including Keeley vs. Kraniotakes and Pastor vs. Gjoka.


Cage Warriors 43 Fight Card


Middleweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)

Jack “The Stone” Mason vs. Norman Paraisy


Lightweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)

Joseph Duffy vs. Francis Heagney


Lightweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)

Brad Wheeler vs. Ian "The Whirlwind" Entwistle


Heavyweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)

Andreas "Big Daddy" Kraniotakes vs. Dave Keeley


Featherweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)

Olivier Pastor vs. Niko Gjoka


Middleweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)

Brett Sizeland vs. Craig White


Featherweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)

Artem Lobov vs. Steve O'Keeffe


Women’s 117lbs Catchweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)

Simona Soukupova vs. Maiju “Mai” Kujala


Bantamweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)

Adam Edwards vs. Ben “The Spider” Crook


Welterweight (3x5 minute rounds)

Danny Roberts vs. David Howell


Amateur Bouts


Heavyweight (3x3 Minute Rounds)

Doug Wibberley vs. Adam Brearley


Welterweight (3x3 Minute Rounds)

Dave Smith vs. Matt Wise


Bantamweight (3x3 Minute Rounds)

Ben Rees vs. Ben Hajir


Middleweight (3x3 Minute Rounds)

Courtney Anderson vs. Charlie Watts



Have a look at the preview here:




Any UK heads gonna be about? It's streraming live and for free too, make sure you check it out at http://www.cagewarriors.com and mma junkie.

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