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JDS still is training with Nogs, Andy and Co.


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"The reason they aren't my managers anymore is related to the fact I am looking to evolve, looking for more attention, understand? They always were great with me, they're still my friends, are people I will always listen to, I like Jorge Guimaraes [Joinha] so much and so does Soares but it comes a time in which you're not satisfied with some things and I found it better to go ahead with somebody who gave me a little more focus, that?s basically it. Regarding my relationship with other [Tough Media] fighters, that's the same. We are Team Nogueira and Black House is an academy to serve to Tough Media fighters, so I am not a member of Black House, I'm part of Team Nogueira where Rodrigo Minotauro, Rogerio Minotouro, Anderson Silva, everybody is, you see? So nothing has changed regarding my training."




Great news!! JDS is a really cool guy and he deserves all the respect

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