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Street Dancing, whats you take on it?


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Seems it has always been kinda popular, just exploded in last few years.


Personally I cant stand watching it although I respect their art as something that takes incredible amounts of training, fitness and sacrifice. I just think dancing is a waste of such talent. But thats just my opinion on it. Half of these guys would probably make awesome fighters with their cardio and flexibility.

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I think it's cool' date=' it's entertaining.[/quote']


^ this


Gay' date=' boring, stupid....etc.[/quote']




I like street people. It's good to hang out in the street sometimes. In Australia we have cafes, bars and restaurants everywhere. Most cities have precincts where there are cafes, bars and restaurants all along both sides of the street for several city blocks. I like hanging out in the street and having a coffee and taking it all in. My favourite part though is leaving and returning to my ivory tower...

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