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Who is your favoruite fighter as of right now?


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Jose Aldo.


He is the most dynamic fighter (in my mind) out there right now. His leg strikes are devastating and we still haven't seen his total package yet. That fight against Faber was a real eye opener and displayed truly how good this guy is compared to the rest of the pack. Faber packed it up and moved to another division is how good..


Cain Velasquez-true nightmare


I like Velasquez again because he is well rounded and is just getting better and is hungry to learn more. He is very soft spoken and doesn't talk smack about his opponents. When it's time to get busy he brings it and you better be prepared because he is dangerous from everywhere. Humble, humble fighter.

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1. Leben- Has most exciting fights in the UFC (IMO)

2. Nelson- He's fat but can fight and is in good shape for his size

3. Story- Top 5 WW but to breneman on took short of notice

4. Tito- Talks ****, good fights, and he's gonna destroy rashad

5. Sherk- Good fights and strong for his size

6. Faber- One of the best BW's

7. Florian- Showed that he is good in many weight classes

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If you can't pic 1' date=' then pic 3 atleast. Everyones favourite changes quite alot, mine has also.



Mine currently is BJ Penn, yours?



P.S. Go **** yourself MrDevil and that troll ImBack12...[/quote']


BJ Penn!!!! :D High five!

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Brian Foster, he always brings it and gets better with every fight. He is the man and my favorite fighter as of right now. He got injured before the fight he was suppose to have with Sean Pierson at UFC 129. Can't wait to see him back in the octagon. Everybody should check him out if you haven't heard of him. He has great striking, big Matt Hughes type slams, solid ground game (subbed Matt Brown in his last fight), and a bunch of raw energy. He is a very good and exciting fighter.


Also Condit. I Shouldn't even have to explain why

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'favoruite' is a miss spell you ******' date=' why don't you try doing something with your time on this forum other than correcting people on a mistake, you might get along with people alot better then.[/quote']


this. i hate ppl who just come on this forum to b*tch about spelling, and grammar.

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