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Jon Jones


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Both of them have a chance...I like Bones' date=' but Rampage and Rashad are top level competition...to say neither has a chance is ludicrous[/quote']


your right ..lemme say that a different way .. rashad and rampage have as much chance and shogun did

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I say they both got an equal shot at Bones' date=' but in a different way. Rashad has a better chance at holding him down and winning a 5 round decision, and Rampage has a better chance of whoopin' that ***.[/quote']


Agreed. Bones need to defend before I accept his so called invulnerability. The Dragon is coming for him.

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Rampage Defenitly has no chance' date=' Evans has a slim chance with his wrestling if he can take him down.[/quote']


It's hard to say Rampage has no chance. I thought Machida would beat his *** but that was a really close fight imo.


If Jones can't take Rampage down it will be a good fight. If he can he will probably TKO Rampage via GnP elbows or something.



If Rashad can't take Jones down and keep him there then he will get KTFO. If Jones can rock Rashad in a similar way to Jackson or Silva then it's good night Rashad because Jones is to smart to miss an opportunity like that.


I say if Jones beats Rampage and Rashad then Machida will be his toughest fight. Forrest could also put up a good fight against Bones IMO.


Styles make fights and there is a lot of interesting matchups left for Jones in this division and i'm not completely sold on his hype yet but he is a serious threat to anyone he who steps in the octagon with them.

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