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whats up with the swear filter lately?


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Is it just mean or have it been a little filter happy lately?


It blocked the anatomical terms for male and female reproductive systems,


It blocked a Congressmen's Last name and also an edible ballpark item.


It blocked another word for the s word that start with a c.


It's list of blocked/censored words is ever growing and I am trying to figure out what in the world is going on here?

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they gonna see it anyways and i dont even care' date=' been tryin to get banned as i try to spend the little time i have to myself away from here but im an addict


hell the last time i was on i even asked for it. no avail so i try something different[/quote']


lol...why is ****** censored, ******* is censored, even crap is censored....


Guess not, dont i look dumb lol ^


a ballpark frank is censored, something rampage called daryll on tuf is censored and feces is censored...

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Honestly' date=' its just sad that there is a swear filter on a forum and a bunch of mods try and act like a bunch of parents telling their children not to swear. Who cares if people swear as long as its not at someone.[/quote']


Even then who really cares? Dana White says **** all the time, he says this ****ing guy or he is ****** bag or an *******...they say its because there are children on this thread but its gotten worse latey with more words being censored.


Do children not watch the press conference, yes they do, children even watch the events..


so whats the big deal?


****, **** **** ety ****...

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