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I promised I'd keep you all updated on our special business.


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Well, me and some of my apprentices are here at Peragus IV investigating a terrorist threat. They've been hiding out for about three and a half weeks, and I cannot seem to locate them. I sense they are somewhere nearby, but the Darkside veils this place heavily--I have a feeling they're Sith.


Many of the miners were complaining about faults in their equipment, which I have learned to be Electromagnetic Pulses, but found no source. Thus far, we have not been attacked or watched, but our search is fruitless for the time being.


The sleeping arrangements are ****. The miners said we could bunk in with them, but the only thing they didn't tell us is that there are no cots left to sleep on, and the small walkways are almost too small for Master Yoda to fit through. We were asked to simply sleep under the cots. I could definitely smell the less-than-hyghenic men as I tried to catch a few winks underneath their beds.


I sometimes feel this mission is aimless, but at the same time I can sense the evil so close by--It's like a musk in the air. I always sleep with one eye open, and check my back at all times. My three apprentices are not so wary, so I must keep a watchful eye over them as well.


I have a discomforting feeling that one of my young Padawan Learners is beginning to take preference to the Darkside. Something, somewhere is influencing the pattern of his thoughts, corrupting things. I may have to send him back to Yavin IV for a rehabilitation.


That is all on this matter at the moment.

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