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longest streak


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longest current streaks in the ufc with a 5 fight minimum, thought it was cool and that i would share.


Anderson- 13 fights

GSP- 9 fights last ufc loss to Matt Serra in 2007

Cain- 7 fights

Edgar- 5 wins 1 draw last loss to gray maynard in 2008


non champs


Gray Maynard- 8 wins 1 draw 1 no contest in the UFC

Junior Dos Santos- 7 fights

Jim miller- 7 fights last loss to gray maynard in 2009

Jon Fitch- 5 wins 1 draw in last 6 fights last loss to GSP in 2008

Melivn Guillard- 5 fights last lost to nate diaz in 2009

Phil Davis- 5 fights

Matt Mitrione- 5 fights

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