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Amy Winehouse has been found dead at her home in London.


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Amy Winehouse has been found dead at her home in London' date=' it has been reported.


The Back To Black singer was apparently found at 4pm and her death is believed to be unexplained.[/quote']


This is a very tragic situation. Although I may not have personally enjoyed her music, I respected her artistic ability and her talent. It is shame that she is next one in the 27 club with many other talented people we have lost that age. Prayers and condolescenses to her family and everyone involved.

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You know I hate drugs and I callously disregard losers regularly. It's not out of nastiness but out of disrespect. I mean if people are so defective that they destroy themselves and hurt others who don't deserve it that's hardly an interesting/admirable person.


However, I felt a little sad when I read this news. She had some talent and quality about her. You could say she was just another dumb ***** junkie etc. But I'm not sure that's entirely accurate. As Zerk pointed out she was a 5 time Grammy winner. So yeah.. one of those artists with some real quality but real destructive too.

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