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If Rickson Gracie Came Out Of Retirement, Who Would Be A Good Fight For Him?


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Noone' date=' because there is nobody in the UFC today that he would stand any chance against or be able to be competitive with.[/quote']


LOL he actually said he could beat anybody as of today in MMA and Wand. Silva said "hes living in his own little world"

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Rickson has raised the ire of some in the MMA community by criticizing the abilities of current top fighters. Though he has not fought in a sanctioned MMA contest in ten years, he claims that he could still beat them easily. In an interview with Tokyo Sports, Rickson argued that Fedor Emelianenko is a great athlete, but possesses "so-so" technical ability, and that he (Rickson) is "100% sure" that he would defeat him.[11]


In 2010, Rickson stated that he disagreed with those who view Emelianenko as "somehow special" and that he believed Emelianenko deserved to lose the decision in his fight with Ricardo Arona; described Brock Lesnar as having "zero defense from the bottom" in the fight against Carwin; and criticized Shane Carwin for what he perceived were deficiencies in Carwin's jiu-jitsu game, characterizing him as "strong as a bull but flimsy like a paper tiger."[12] Previous critical comments that Rickson made about Ant?nio Rodrigo Nogueira (claiming that Nogueira has no "guard") prompted Wanderlei Silva to say that Rickson is "living in a fantasy world."[13]


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